J5 Drone

We are proud to introduce to you the J5, a truly low cost, easy to use, portable underwater drone.

Now you can fly around underwater, exploring depths quickly and easily without having to get wet!

With real time HD video over Wi-Fi, you can see everything the J5 sees as it makes its journey under the water using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Depths of up to 100m are just a few moments away.

Why choose the J5:

  • The underwater world is inaccessible without physically having to dive in yourself. This can be a barrier without the right equipment and training, and can also be inconvenient. With the J5 you can access this world in just a few moments, safe and dry, without any special dive training.
  • It's the only low cost underwater drone with a full 170 degree tilting camera. This feature is very important if you need to view items below in detail, or above such as a boat hull.
  • With high quality real time HD video over Wi-Fi, images are crystal clear. Videos can be recorded and shared easily.
  • Using a removable on-board battery, there is no ac supply required. Since the battery can be swapped when discharged, there is less limitation on dive time.
  • Control is via a popular classic wireless gamepad, making the J5 extremely easy to pilot. Unlike difficult to control touch screen methods, this takes little time to master.
  • Since radio waves don't travel well underwater, all underwater drones need a wired tether to control them. The J5's tether has a special outer jacket so it's neutrally buoyant in water, which makes it much easier to pilot. It also contains Kevlar fibres which provide a massive 150kg breaking strain.

Whether you are visiting local lakes or reservoirs, exploring dive sites, researching marine life, completing boat maintenance, or just having fun on the shore, the J5 can be transported with ease.

The possibilities are endless. Approximately 72% of the Earth is covered in water - that's a lot of exploring to do!

Where will the J5 take you?


Length320 mm (12.6 in)
Width350 mm (13.78 in)
Height134 mm (5.28 in)
Weight in air4.9 kg (10.8 lb)
ConstructionABS plastic, Window - acrylic, Battery Housing - marine grade aluminium
Depth rating100 m (330 ft)
Operating temperature-5°C to 50°C (23°F to 122°F)
Speed1 m/s (2 Knots)
ThrustersUnderwater rated brushless motors, 2x horizontal, 1x vertical
Battery pack12V 4000mAh NiMH
Battery life2-3 Hours (depending on usage)
Charger supply voltage115 to 240 Vac
ControlPopular classic wireless gamepad
Camera / Lights
CameraColour 1080P HD wide angle lens
Tilt range+/- 85° camera tilt (170° total range)
Lights2x High brightness double row LED strips
Diameter9 mm (0.35 in)
Length50 m (164 ft), custom lengths available on request
BuoyancyNeutral in freshwater, Slightly positive in seawater
ConstructionPolyurethane outer jacket with Kevlar strength members
Breaking strength150 kg (330 lb)

About Us

SeaDeep designs and builds affordable underwater drones also known as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV).

What began as one man's dream to make the underwater world fully accessible to all, became a reality when SeaDeep was founded in 2016.

We are a small company based in the UK with skills in mechanical and electronic engineering, including industrial design, and have a keen interest in the marine environment. This diversity helped shape the company and we have spent the last two years developing our flagship product.

We focussed on creating a truly low cost, easy to use, portable solution to underwater exploration.

We are proud to introduce to you the J5.

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